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English French translation, our legal translation service is by your side whenever you need to enter into international agreements, understand a foreign legal document, or you need a professional translation of your contracts, agreements, partnerships, terms & conditions, reports, letters, minutes, by-laws, claims, forms of order sought, summary of the facts, statements, judgments, summons, or for a certified translation of your official documents.

The law is far from an improvisation! Legal terms are highly specific, and the same terms can cover very different concepts in different countries. We are here to translate your legal documents and communications when your French lawyer needs to understand the contents of the legal document in order to build an efficient strategy with his English or American, Slovak or Czech colleague. You need a translator with a mastery of the legal concepts of these countries to deliver a reliable translation.

English French translation, sworn translator

English french translation, legal translation

The right WORD is key! Accurate and powerful, weighted and adequate, glowing and right WORD help you deliver a reliable and consistent TRANSLATION of your intention according to your objective.

Legal domains is focused on the exact meaning of words. To translate a text by using just the right word and the adequate style requires detailed knowledge not only of the subject matter but also of the legal, economic, social, and cultural data of the relevant countries.

Accent-Solutions.com offers you precisely this personal and detail-oriented approach:
We focus on preserving the intent and nuances of the original.